Author Valerie Walker Releases Heartwarming New Children’s Book “Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm”

A Charming Tale of Friendship and Adventure Set in the Welsh Countryside

UNITED STATES, May 24, 2024 / — Valerie Walker, an acclaimed author of children’s books, proudly announces the release of her latest book, Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm. Set in the picturesque countryside of Wales, this enchanting story is sure to capture the hearts of young readers and their families.

Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm is a delightful tale set on an idyllic farm in Wales. The story follows Hedley, one of five hoglets born on Sunbury Farm, who quickly distinguishes himself with his lively curiosity and adventurous spirit. Throughout their first summer, Hedley’s knack for getting into tricky situations keeps his mother and siblings on their toes, but these escapades always lead to happy endings. The narrative also explores the burgeoning friendship and mutual respect between Hedley and James, the 10-year-old grandson of Grandfather Owen. James is captivated by Hedley’s adventurous nature, and Hedley is equally curious about James, laying the foundation for a touching relationship.

Valerie Walker was born in London, England, and has called Calgary home for over 60 years. Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm serves as a prequel to her beloved 1998 release, The Adventures of Hedley the Hedgehog. Valerie authored two more books about Hedley before venturing into juvenile historical time travel fiction set in Alberta, Canada. She has also penned an adventure novel for young adults, showcasing her versatile storytelling talent.

Valerie Walker’s lifelong fascination with hedgehogs began during a childhood visit to Somerset during the war. There, she befriended a young boy named Hedley from Wales. Together, they would leave milk out for the hedgehogs and watch their delightful antics. This cherished memory, coupled with her husband’s encouragement to write for children, inspired Valerie to craft stories of friendship, respect, and adventure. Through Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm, Valerie aims to inspire children to use their imaginations, explore nature, and be curious and inquisitive about the world around them, embracing the joy of adventure. You can visit her website

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