Beautycounter Launches into the Fragrance Category, Taking A Disruptive Approach to its Formulas and Transparency

After a decade of advocacy, extensive research and development, Beautycounter has delivered an industry-leading clean fragrance line. 

SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Beautycounter, the leader and pioneer of clean beauty — is proud to enter the fragrance category — setting a new standard for clean fragrance with the launch of Clean Eau De Parfum. Founded with the mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone, Beautycounter and its community have been working tirelessly for the last decade to influence legislation and update laws that remove harmful ingredients from beauty products and drive for greater transparency for consumers, including the secretive world of fragrances. To date, the brand has influenced the passage of 16 state and federal clean beauty laws.

Beautycounter is focused on closing what is known as the “fragrance loophole”, a legal provision dating back to the 1970s that allows companies to legally hide dozens to hundreds of ingredients used to make a scent under generic listings such as “fragrance” or “parfum.”  Simultaneously, peer-reviewed research continues to show the presence of potentially harmful ingredients in traditional fragrance/parfums including known allergens, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, skin irritants, and ingredients toxic to the reproductive system. The current industry practice prevents consumers from being informed about what they’re putting on their bodies. Beautycounter’s new collection of five clean fragrances features ingredient transparency, showcasing long ingredient lists for consumers to review.

Using Beautycounter’s unique approach to formulation—which extends far beyond simply banning a few ingredients deemed “bad” by retailers—Beautycounter formulated the collection with:

  • Unparalleled safety screening, leveraging their world class team of safety scientists who reviewed each ingredient across 23 health and environmental endpoints, an uncommon practice in the industry.
  • Complete ingredient transparency, showcasing long ingredient lists to help guide consumer decisions.
  • Third-party validation, all five scents are EWG VERIFIED®, Leaping Bunny certified, and tested to be safe for sensitive skin.

“Whenever asked for a piece of advice on how to navigate the personal care market, I have always recommended that people shop fragrance-free. Many of the most offensive chemicals are found in fragrance.” Gregg Renfrew, Founder & CEO of Beautycounter stated.  “I think it is our right and our responsibility to give people safer solutions that they are confident wearing. I am proud that Beautycounter is launching a collection of beautiful scents, screened for safety, and am energized to continue to build on our history of disruption to create a higher industry standard, and most importantly protect the health and safety of more people.”

Beautycounter is excited to celebrate this important milestone, but recognizes there is still much work to be done. In May of this year, Beautycounter will mobilize their community and travel to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress to close the fragrance loophole, as well as support the larger Safer Beauty Bill package, which addresses key gaps in the newly enacted MoCRA. The Safer Beauty Bill package, introduced by Rep. Jan Schakowksy (IL), is a suite of four bills that address issues Beautycounter has been vocal about: the need for more supply chain transparency, banning the most harmful ingredients—like PFAS— and explicit protections for overexposed communities including women of color.   

Beautycounter Clean Eau De Parfum consists of 5 fragrances: Miles Away, Sun Spill, Hyper Rose, Second Skin, and Pacific Dreams. The collection will be available for purchase through, in Beautycounter brick and mortar stores, and through their community of independent Advocates.  

Learn more about the fragrance loophole and why ingredient transparency matters by watching and sharing this video: 

About Beautycounter 

Founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2011 and launched in 2013, Beautycounter is the leader in cleaner skin care and cosmetics whose mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. A Certified B Corporation, the Santa Monica, CA-based brand leads the way for improved transparency and accountability in the beauty industry, including advocacy efforts to update state and federal cosmetics regulations that have stood largely unchanged since 1938. Beautycounter is an omnichannel brand and is available today through its community of Independent Brand Advocates, ULTA, e-Commerce and physical owned retail stores.

Beautycounter offers more than 100 products that have earned numerous awards, including Fast Company’s Most Innovative, Allure’s Best of Beauty, Glamour’s Beauty Awards, Refinery29’s Innovators List, WWD’s 2019 Best-Performing Beauty Company, and CNBC’s Disruptor 50. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram @Beautycounter.

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