Local businesses urged to donate old laptops to help homeless people get back onto their feet in Yorkshire

Tech reuse is better than recycling – scope 3 emissions reduction

SocialBox.Biz initiative has been helping older people experiencing hardship and homeless people moving into permanent accommodation get back onto their feet.

WAKEFIELD, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, January 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — based software development company, Propel Tech, has partnered with national community interest company, SocialBox.Biz, to launch a vital appeal to businesses to donate old laptops to help people experiencing hardship move forward with their lives.

Propel Tech has the advantage of owning large office spaces at its West Yorkshire base, and is able to act as a drop off and storage point for the laptops, before they are regenerated and distributed to refugees other individuals urgently needing the lifeline a laptop can provide.

Access to the internet and digital platforms are critical in enabling people to secure work, manage finances and keep in touch with friends and families. Therefore, the SocialBox.Biz initiative provides a responsible, sustainable and community-focused way to reuse and rehome old but still usable computers.

Andy Brown, founder and director at Propel Tech says: “The events of the past few years have seen many businesses downsize their office spaces, moving to smaller premises or co-working spaces, if not completely doing away with their physical workplaces altogether. With this has come a reduction in storage space to keep old and ageing tech, and a requirement to get rid of it quickly without having the luxury of keeping hold of it until it finds a good home.

“We have ample storage space at our Wakefield HQ, and our Re-Tech initiative, in partnership with the fantastic SocialBox.Biz, is the perfect way to put this to good use, whilst giving firms the peace of mind that their old laptops are going to a good home where they have the potential to change lives.”

SocialBox.Biz is a national CIC that was founded by Peter Paduh, a former unaccompanied child refugee, ten years ago so he could give back by using his IT skills. As such, for the past decade, his initiative has been helping older people experiencing hardship and homeless people moving into permanent accommodation get back onto their feet, as well as refugees integrate into British society.

Peter comments: “Encouraging companies to donate old tech is just one of our challenges. However, we also need the support of the business community to spread the word and facilitate drop off and storage points to allow us to gather donations from all corners of the country.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Propel Tech, which has also donated several of its own laptops, and has committed to do so in the future. We hope this partnership will open the floodgate to many more donations from regional businesses based in West Yorkshire who may otherwise not know what to do with their old tech, and don’t have the space to keep it lying around.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2018 there were 5.3 million adults in the UK, or 10 percent of the adult UK population, who were non-internet users. Many of these are on low incomes, such as the refugees, young people in the care system, homeless, the elderly and disabled people.

Without access to the Internet there is a severe barrier to gaining employment, connecting with family and friends, managing finances, researching important information and accessing cheaper deals for utilities and shopping.

Propel Tech and SocialBox.Biz are happy to receive laptops up to 10 years old, as long as they are in working order, ideally with their power packs – but this is not critical. Before donating, businesses must ensure their computers are wiped and reset to their original factory settings.

During the tech upgrade process, laptops will be installed with Open Source Innovation, allowing for free access to essential software.

Companies wishing to donate their old laptops, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and Samsung phones under 10 years old, in any quantities, from a single device to a larger haul, can drop them off at Propel Tech, Stonebridge House, 149 Wakefield Rd, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 5HQ.

Individuals and companies can also donate directly through SocialBox.Biz. Find out how to donate and receive

a parcel label here:



About Propel Tech

Founded by IT industry specialists, Andy Brown and David Ritchie, Propel Tech is dedicated to advancing technology and propelling its clients’ businesses forward through custom software solutions, whilst making a positive impact on individuals, organisations, and communities. As such, it conducts year round charity and social initiatives, such as this, fundraising for local hospices, including Wakefield Hospice, and regular donations to food banks.


About Social Box.Biz

In its mission to improve digital inclusion, SocialBox.Biz collects old but still working laptop computers, macbooks and other tech in order to support disadvantaged groups with suitable computers that are wiped clean to highest standards and upgraded using open source innovation. To distribute the laptops, it works with charities that support homeless people, ex offenders, young refugees, young people in the care system, and the elderly who cannot afford computers and software. Individuals can also donate directly through SocialBox.Biz. Find out how to donate and receive

a parcel label here.


A recent article by SocialBox.Biz: A Stepping Stone Into Society, published in the Local Government Association Magazine says:

‘’Importantly, this does not affect recycling contracts as items can still be sent for recycling that needed recycling and still usable items donated to our initiative once we’ve removed any usable items. Upcycling, by reusing and donating to those who cannot afford a computer, is a far more environmentally friendly solution than selling old computers for recycling to scrap companies. Giving someone a free laptop may not seem like much, but for many people it gives them hope and is an important stepping stone into society.’’

SocialBox.Biz team commented:

“We are the only community interest company rehoming old but usable tech from companies, universities, and schools and placing them in the hands of the disadvantaged in local UK communities in this way. We provide on-site data removal service and load the technology with open-source innovation, solving common problems for IT teams. We’ve done a lot, but we will do a lot more with the help of additional partners.”

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