method launches new creative platform, “Unleash Your Inner Shower,” and expands personal care line

Nearly half of Americans surveyed feel like the best version of themselves in showers, and even more report using that time to think about major life decisions. Over half of people feel more open-minded, creative, and less anxious in hot showers, whereas 87% of those who take cold showers make significant life decisions in them. Examples of transformational life decisions made in showers are:

  • 45% Picking up a creative hobby
  • 29% Going back to school
  • 29% Starting therapy
  • 28% Asking out a crush
  • 26% Quitting my job to follow my dream
  • 24% Breaking up with my partner
  • 19% Moving to a different country
  • 18% Proposing to their partner

For two out of three people, a shower helps to reset and cleanse their minds. “Unleash Your Inner Shower” celebrates these transformational moments, and encourages people to harness the inspirational, confident, and creative energy they feel in the shower, otherwise known as their “inner shower,” and share it with the world. The platform celebrates every shower, whether it’s a long shower (which Gen Z reports to take the most of), a cold shower which 46% who take prefer in the morning, or the 51% of people who prefer a scalding hot shower that can change the way they feel about the day.

When it comes to selecting their shower products, 83% of people say they consider the design and aesthetic, and 46% of people believe the fragrances they use in the shower can improve their mood. With the expansion of its hair care line, method now offers a complete personal care regimen (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and lotion) to help people curate the perfect shower vibe and bring out their “inner shower.” method’s six new shampoos and conditioners are individually designed to address key hair needs: hydration, volume, and everyday cleansing, and are available in the brand’s most in-demand fragrances. The new hair care products boast long-lasting fragrance, are formulated without parabens, silicones, sulfates, or dyes, and are safe for color-treated hair. method continues the good vibes with cruelty-free ingredients and a bottle made with 80% recycled plastic (PCR).

  • daily zen daily shampoo and conditioner: cucumber, seaweed, and green tea. Unleash your inner spa and take a trip to the sauna and relax with the cool and soothing notes of daily zen.
  • pure peace volumizing shampoo and conditioner: peony, rose water and quinoa protein. Unleash your inner peace with a comforting floral fragrance.
  • simply nourish moisturizing shampoo and conditioner: coconut, rice milk and shea butter. Unleash your inner vibes with an enriching and nourishing experience.

“Unleash Your Inner Shower’s” modern, graphic, and distinctive aesthetic was concepted and designed by method’s in-house design studio. The team was moved by the platform’s ethos of encouraging people to bring their best selves into the world, and took design inspiration from the colorful flower power movements of the 60s, emotional rock posters and energizing retro campaigns. Through mixed media, the studio team dialed up method’s legacy of design and creativity via 2D and 3D graphics, lines, and symbols to create a current yet vintage embodiment of the transformational power of the shower.

The creative platform serves to inspire change and to encourage people to harness the power of their shower transformation to become their best selves. Showerers across the country can see this platform come to life in a cross-channel, digital-first approach across connected TV, paid social and programmatic display (online video and audio). As an official partner of the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, method will bring “Unleash Your Inner Shower” to concertgoers as the creative platform’s first immersive experience, helping them discover their “inner shower.”

As part of its ongoing mission to help close the hygiene access gap, method continues its multi-year founding partnership with Simply the Basics’ Hygiene Bank Association™. With a goal of bringing the transformational benefits of the shower to all, method and Simply the Basics work to make hygiene essentials, like shampoo, soap, and deodorant, more accessible.

method products are available in national retailers both in-store and online. Each shampoo and conditioner is available in two sizes: 14 fl oz for everyday use, and 3.4 fl oz ideal for travel. Suggested retail price 14 fl oz: $10.99 USD, and 3.4 fl oz: $3.49 USD.

*method products and Manifest commissioned Atomik Research to conduct an online survey of 3,005 adults aged 18 to 35 years old throughout the United States in December, 2023.

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