Serotonin Centers to Expand into South Carolina with Multi-Unit Development Deal

Pioneer Anti-Aging Franchise to Introduce Charleston area to Cutting-Edge Health Treatments

CHARLESTON, S.C., Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Serotonin Centers, the nation’s fastest growing anti-aging and human longevity franchise will soon bring three new locations to Charleston County, South Carolina for the first time. At the helm of this deal is local entrepreneur Peter Sheehan, who plans on opening the doors to the first of three Charleston County-based centers by Summer 2024.

Serotonin Centers provides clients with a customized road map for improving healthspan; focusing on hormone restoration, aesthetic enhancement, weight control, immunity and recovery. Each center offers a variety of membership tiers, with some including a personal health coach to design a personalized prescriptive road map to assist members in achieving their individual goals.  

“Nobody can buy more time, but we can prolong and improve our active years as much as possible,” said Sheehan. “Serotonin Centers will help my wife and I both be around long enough to raise our three kids and watch both them and our future grandkids grow up. We want everyone in our community to have that opportunity.” 

Sheehan brings an extensive background in the luxury hospitality space, after spending the last decade as the owner and operator of a hospitality consulting company focused on helping hotel executives improve the experience and profitability of their assets. Joining him on this franchising journey is his wife, Julia, a former school teacher with first-hand knowledge of the anti-aging space. Combining their hospitable and personable skills with South Carolina’s Top 10 Business Growth rate rank surely spells out success for their three Serotonin locations.

Charleston County is already one of the state’s healthiest counties. That will only improve with access to the cutting-edge rejuvenation plans that we offer,” said Eric Casaburi, founder and CEO of Serotonin Centers. “With Peter taking a proactive approach to improve the lives of the people around them through Serotonin, he will be a key difference maker for our success in this market.” 

With 78 new franchise locations under development, Serotonin Centers has capitalized on the growth of the alternative health sector. The anti-aging market topped $67.2 Billion in 2022, with expectations for the market to grow to $98.6 Billion by 2028. This rise in popularity and consumer attention is attributed to increased awareness about the benefits of anti-aging products, and heightened acceptance for all-natural, non-invasive anti-aging procedures and treatments.  

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Aptly named after the hormone that’s function is to stabilize human’s feelings of well-being and overall happiness, Serotonin’s longevity and anti-aging concept provides members the road map for maximizing healthspan. The anti-aging brand intersects the expertise of both medical practitioners and health coaches in a concierge eco-system under one roof to slow down the human biological clock and extend the prime years of looking and feeling your best. Those interested in investing in Serotonin Centers can visit for more information. 

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