Sizing Technology Specialist Helps US Fashion Retailers To Face A Hard Truth

NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The desire to have ‘the latest’ fashion item has resulted in a throwaway fashion culture which sees the average US consumer discard some 81.5 lbs of clothes each year – the equivalent of eight standard-sized trash bags per person!

However, consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing habits and that of the fashion industry; as seen by the US sustainable fashion industry growing to $7.80 Billion USD in 2023.

By capitalizing on changing consumer purchasing behavior, US fashion brands have the opportunity to reduce waste, minimize returns and improve conversion rates.

Online sizing technology specialist, Makip, which recently launched in the US, is on a mission to make it possible for US retailers to better inform consumers about the sizing of garments when purchasing online, so that they buy the right-sized item each and every time.

Shingo Tsukamoto, President of Makip, said, “What US customers are craving is virtual sizing technology that recognizes their unique body size requirements. Even though sizing technology has become increasingly sophisticated and widespread, the age-old problem still exists – you cannot have a standard size when there’s no such thing as a standard body.”

Makip’s unique online sizing technology, Unisize, asks shoppers basic questions such as age, weight and height to understand the measurements of their body, allowing the sizing technology to map the individual’s body size to the clothing item, and then display how the clothes will fit the unique body size of the shopper.

Analysis has shown that by providing online shoppers with more accurate sizing options, their decision to purchase increases by 2.5 times, whilst reducing returns. By using accurate online sizing technology, such as Unisize, online shoppers can virtually ‘try on’ clothing and purchase the most suitable, accurately sized clothing item, first-time, delivering a reduction in clothing return rates of 20%, on average.

The Tokyo-based company supports over 300 online retail/eCommerce sites and popular fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and New Balance, with its innovative sizing technology, and launched in the UK in spring 2023.

About Makip:
Makip. Co.Ltd (pronounced “May-kip”) is a sizing technology specialist, supporting online retail/eCommerce and fashion brands with its unique product, Unisize.

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