Tarek Abdel Salam and Out Loud Media Launches New Book “Now You Can Afford,” the Digital Marketing Playbook

Now You Can Afford – Amazon Best Seller

Tarek Abdel Salam – Author & Founder of Out Loud Media

Tarek Abdel Salam releases his “Now You Can Afford,” a digital marketing playbook, detailing his three-step sales strategy, a roadmap for business growth.

UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Out Loud Media has proudly announced the release of “Now You Can Afford,” a comprehensive digital marketing manual authored by the international digital marketing expert Tarek Abdel Salam, former executive of a leading global marketing firm. This has quickly ascended to Amazon bestseller status across multiple countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

In response to today’s business world and the pressing need for astute strategic direction, Out Loud Media has identified a gap in the market: a lack of robust, success-driven frameworks within sales divisions. “Now You Can Afford” has been crafted to fill this void, offering businesses the tools to refine their sales strategies effectively.

Identifying hidden potentials in this dynamic environment, Tarek devised READY-SET-MULTIPLY. “Now You Can Afford” features this unique three-step selling framework for success. This book outlines the three actionable steps of sales and marketing: READY-SET-MULTIPLY. In this original approach, each step represents a smart marketing strategy that supercharges sales strategies for freelancers, coaches, business owners, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs.

The acclaimed playbook builds upon Tarek’s rich knowledge and experience in the industry and reveals insider tactics for building and marketing businesses to success from scratch. A former Publicis Group director and creative strategist for world-renowned brands leverages his understanding of the sales and marketing landscape combined with forward-looking tidbits to inspire a new pathway toward sales and marketing success.

The book reads, “There’s always a framework for every task to be accomplished. Always try to find the right framework for anything you want to achieve. Dig for the knowledge; it is your secret weapon.”

With this cohesive overview of the inner-circle tactics of selling anything online, “Now You Can Afford” empowers entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, and digital marketers to elevate their businesses without big budgets or high technical expertise, a tall order in the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce.

“Now You Can Afford” champions doing more with less and puts within reach solutions for scaling and improving business value.

This volume not only charts a transformative framework but also lays out a comprehensive understanding of customer psychology, competitive intelligence, offer creation, and much more. Addressing a wide array of topics from social media to business strategy, it aspires to assist entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers in creating memorable brands and achieving financial independence. Each chapter is a distillation of Tarek’s wisdom, garnered over two decades of industry leadership.

“Now You Can Afford” is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About Out Loud Media:

Out Loud Media is a pioneering digital agency committed to empowering solopreneurs and businesses with innovative marketing strategies and educational resources. Co-founded by industry luminary Tarek Abdel Salam, the company stands at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, providing actionable frameworks and insider knowledge to drive financial freedom and business success.

About Author Tarek Abdel Salam:

Tarek Abdel Salam is an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Out Loud Media, who aims to help solopreneurs achieve financial freedom. From a broke door-to-door salesman to a global marketing sage, Tarek proves that success is within reach for anyone who desires it. Teaching his three-step framework, READY-SET-MULTIPLY, the leading marketing strategist is opening people’s eyes to the world of possibilities waiting to be claimed.


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