TECNO CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition Launched with Industry-first Coffee Grounds Back Cover, Merging Carbon Neutral Cause with Modern Style

TECNO CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition Launched with Industry-first Coffee Grounds Back Cover, Merging Carbon Neutral Cause with Modern Style

Style- and eco-conscious coffee lovers will find coffee culture and the natural process of growth are reflected in the CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition’s sleek visual aesthetic, interpreting sustainable elements and stylish inspiration. Merging TECNO’s innovative material technology with LOEWE.’s CMF design excellence, the green gradient design is inspired by the life cycle of natural leaves with a color palette that represents the growth and life of the green leaf. Reflecting the complex processes involved in producing the device’s environmentally friendly coffee grounds back cover, the device’s design is a celebration of nature, technology and fashion working in harmony for the good of the planet. Meanwhile, as one of the hottest and most enduring trends, color blocking adds a fresh, modern touch with sophisticated appeal. The new special edition combines TECNO’s fashionable flair with LOEWE.’s pursuit of excellence in quality, craftsmanship, and technology with meticulous attention to detail.

It’s estimated that we consume over 2 billion cups of coffee every day worldwide, with millions of tons of waste coffee grounds going to landfills each year. These waste grounds decompose and produce harmful greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. As a pioneer in advanced materials with a commitment to the environment, TECNO developed the new CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition with a back cover constructed using waste coffee grounds as one of the raw materials in a creative effort to reduce the environmental impact of coffee consumption. Achieving USDA Bio-based certification status, the innovative, industry-first coffee grounds phone back cover coating is composed of more than 25% bio-based material, bringing users a device that showcases both their eye for style and their passion for protecting our planet.

The entire manufacturing process of the coffee grounds back cover uses no organic solvents, no additional water consumption, and is entirely solar powered. This innovative approach allows the product to outperform traditional synthetic and animal leathers in terms of appearance, durability, texture, feel and environmental friendliness. The cover not only provides a luxurious touch, but also UV resistance, as well as temperature and humidity resistance. For every phone cover manufactured, approximately 0.8g of waste coffee grounds will be used. According to the whole life cycle assessment of coffee grounds leather products (ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006), the recycled coffee grounds back cover reduces the consumption of non-living resources (fossil fuels) by approximately 49.6% and the contribution of carbon dioxide emissions to global warming by 46.3% compared to traditional leather cover materials over a full life cycle. Overall, the design not only reduces the waste of water, but also reduces the pollution caused to the environment by waste and organic solvents.

“The CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition exemplifies TECNO’s dedication to creating stylish, environmentally friendly products,” said TECNO’s Product Design Team. “By incorporating waste coffee grounds into the back cover, we’ve crafted a unique, Eco-conscious smartphone that stands as a design masterpiece and a pioneer in sustainability.”

“The LOEWE. Design Studio brings a rich history of excellence in product design in consumer electronics, particularly in premium products,” said Marco A. Mueller, Director Design and Design Management at LOEWE Design Studio. “LOEWE’s emphasis on high-quality design and innovative technology aligns perfectly with TECNO’s forward-thinking approach. This partnership allows both companies to leverage each other’s strengths, creating products that stand out in the competitive smartphone market.”

The CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition is available across the new CAMON 30 Series, made up of the flagship CAMON 30 Premier 5G, CAMON 30 Pro 5G, CAMON 30 5G and CAMON 30. The Series empowers users to master professional-level videography and photography with supreme style. The CAMON 30 Premier 5G delivers powerful dual chip imaging with the Sony CXD5622GG Imaging Chip, bringing 4K 30fps full-scene AI-NR HDR video to smartphones for the first time and allowing users to capture beautiful scenes in challenging conditions, from auroras in the poles to dusk in the desert. The device is also equipped with four outstanding 50MP lenses, including a Sony IMX890 50MP OIS Main Camera with an ultra-sensitive 1/1.56″ sensor. Meanwhile, the Series offers enhanced AI functions, such as AIGC Portrait, AI Erase, Universal Tone and Social Turbo, to take imaging to the next level.

Besides imaging, the Series features a Classic Side-axis Camera Design inspired by classic rangefinder cameras, with an Action Dot that adds a touch of retro spirit while also acting as an indicator for video recording, voice assistant wake-up alerts, charging status alerts, infrared remote status and more. The Series also offers commanding performance with powerful processors, a huge memory of up to 512GB+24GB (12GB Extended RAM), and a 70W Ultra Charge 5000mAh battery.

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