Third time at CIIE, Perfect Diary’s parent company marching on the road of science and technology

Themed “New Era, Shared Future”, the 6th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Expo”) kicked off on November 5 in Shanghai.

SHANGHAI, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This year, Yatsen Group, the parent company of Perfect Diary, joined the Expo with the theme “A Beauty Discovery Journey Powered by Technology” and announced the layout of “Yatsen’s Road of Science and Technology” on the spot, aiming to empower the Group’s brands including Perfect Diary with its independent innovation and R&D strategy. In addition, Galénic, a high-end skincare brand of Yatsen Group that has been a pioneer in scientific skincare for 45 years, and EVE LOM, luxury healing skincare legend, brought their latest R&D achievements and cutting-edge products to the Expo, and took advantage of the vast stage to show Yatsen Group’s continuous commitment to R&D and its roadmap of development both at home and abroad.

At the opening ceremony of Yatsen’s booth, Mr. Huang Jinfeng, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Group, and other important guests witnessed the Group’s performance and learnt about global leading trends, continued with its commitment to scientific and technological innovations, opening up the future of a newly-emerged Chinese beauty group.

One global leading cosmetic factory, Perfect Diary initiated “Integrated Research of Both Makeup and Skincare”

At this year’s Expo, Huang Jinfeng released the strategic layout of “Yatsen’s Road of Science and Technology”for the first time. He said: “The national policy promotes independent innovation and quality development of the beauty industry. Yatsen Group has ridden on the tides of policies and trends, and is committed to becoming a beauty enterprise of new technology, boasting brand development driven by science, technology and intellectual creation. In the future, we will lead China’s beauty with science and technology, and adopt a complete ecological chain of innovation and R&D, always taking a step further in manufacturing capabilities, optimizing product quality, enhancing brand influence, and acquiring high-standard user satisfaction.”

With the strategic layout of “Yatsen’s Road of Science and Technology”, Yatsen Biotechnology, as a world-leading cosmetic factory, integrates R&D, manufacturing and quality control, effectively promoting the quality production of Perfect Diary and other brands of the Group, as well as biotechnology-driven innovative development of beauty products. As a matter of fact, Perfect Diary’s “Biolip™” Essence Lipstick is the first work of Yatsen Biotechnology, which highlights the breakthroughs in scientific research of Chinese products and the potential of China’s intellectual manufacturing.

Meanwhile, witnessed by China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, Yatsen Group announced at the opening ceremony that its parent brand, Perfect Diary, will carry out in-depth “Integrated Research of Both Makeup and Skincare”, exploring comprehensive products from the perspective of international R&D trends and consumers’ expectations, and continuing to create products that better meet the needs of oriental females, and promoting the quality development of the beauty industry empowered by biotechnology. In fact, in September this year, Perfect Diary launched the first “Biolip™” essence lipstick, which is the first lipstick implementing the “Integrated Research of Both Makeup and Skincare”, working at the same time as makeup, lip essence and lip mask. The product attracts attention for its demonstration of scientific research strength of China’s cosmetic brand.

Unveiled the Shanghai Global Research Center, Yatsen’s 3rd global research center

Yatsen Group has built three global independent R&D centers at home and abroad, namely Yatsen Global Innovation R&D Center (Shanghai), Guangzhou R&D Center and Toulouse R&D Center in France. As the important bases for scientific research and innovation of the Group, they gather the world’s first-class scientific researchers to constantly support all the brands in innovative, scientific and technological development, and to contribute to the strategic layout of “Yatsen’s Road of Science and Technology”.

At the Expo, the Group held an official opening ceremony for Yatsen Global Innovation R&D Center (Shanghai). More than 80 million RMB has been invested in the Center to establish a fully functional area for R&D and innovation of more than 4,000 square meters, carrying the Group’s vision to build a first-class world-leading cosmetic innovation and R&D center in China with four major initiatives. According to the introduction, Yatsen Global Innovation R&D Center (Shanghai) has built a world-leading research team and a ecological chain consisting of cutting-edge foundational research and advanced manufacturing. In cooperation with external R&D resources, it focuses on “biotechnology”, “scientific skincare”, “emotional skincare” and “expert of Chinese skin”, in order to lead the industry in innovation and contribute to Yatsen Group’s quality development.

Two high-end skincare brands continue to grow, initiating a new experience in scientific skincare

Over the last six years, the Expo has grown into a “destination of global new products, exhibition of cutting-edge technologies, and shortlist of innovative services”, as well as a platform for the exchange of the latest technologies between major international enterprises. On this international stage, Yatsen Group once again presented the new R&D breakthroughs and black technology products from two high-end skincare brands, Galénic and EVE LOM. They had brilliant performance in the three consecutive years, accounting for nearly 21% of the Group’s total revenue in the first half of 2023, up from 4.9% in 2021, with a domestic user base of more than 650,000 people. The skincare business is growing steadily, and Yatsen Group’s strategic transformation is gradually getting on track.

Galénic, a pioneer in scientific skincare with a history of 45 years, brought to this year’s Expo its flagship products, the Pure Brightening Vitamin C Kit, and the third-generation Couture Secret d’Excellence series. At the booth, the brand also set up the first scientific skincare VR experience, replicating with a technological approachGalénic’s scientific skincare laboratory in Toulouse, France. Through the VR experience, the brand’s 45 years of expertise in anchor penetration technology, ActiveAnchor™, and the process of VC penetrating deeply into the skin and breaking down melanin cells can be further learnt.

EVE LOM, the luxury healing skincare legend, presented at this year’s Expo the classic cleansing series with 40 years of reputation, ace products like Renewal Treatment Oil, as well as the firstly-launched scented candles. At this year’s Expo, EVE LOM tracked and analyzed the users’ emotional changes during the SPA experience through the AI-powered brainwave emotion detector, innovatively demonstrating the brand’s cutting-edge emotional skincare technology.

From expanding its portfolio and technologies, to the signing of strategic cooperation and the release of a new strategic layout, Yatsen Group has seized the opportunity of international influence brought by the Expo to demonstrate to global consumers the Group’s unique products and competitiveness, further showing its strength and commitment in scientific research and innovation, and extending the possibilities for the industry.

Yatsen Group will continue to bring more diversified beauty products and beauty experiences to global consumers through the Expo in the years to come and work with global consumers to create and explore a “beautiful” future celebrating scientific and technological advancement.

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